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Broken Car Keys Southampton | Auto Locksmith Southampton

Broken Car Keys Southampton | Auto Locksmith Southampton

It is basic science that any material, when it faces wear due to constant use, will reach a breaking point and your car keys are a prime example of such a situation. Car keys are an essential for many people, and it is one of the last things you tend to grab as you step out the door. Most of us still use the metal part of the key which you fit into the car door to unlock your vehicle, while others tend to use the transponder that is fit inside the plastic casing.

The transponder is a modern invention regarding locking and unlocking your car. They are enclosed in plastic and make use of buttons to transmit the signal that will either open or lock your car. The signal given by the transponder can sometimes malfunction and break, and leave you locked out of your car. However, our locksmiths have a wide knowledge about transponder programming in Southampton and ready to fix your broken transponder.

Despite the popularity of the transponders, and push to start cars, the metal key is still used for ignition. However, if the key has become brittle with constant use, chances are it might snap off into two. Imagine you have an important meeting you have to attend and as you turn the ignition on you hear the snap of the key and find it broken in two. Getting part of your key stuck in the car door slot, or worse, the ignition slot is a great nuisance. In the older days, this sort of problem could only be solved in a mechanic’s garage and to move your car; you would require a tow truck. However, our locksmiths can get the broken pieces of the key out without causing damage to the car.

If you land yourself in such a predicament, then contact our automotive shop, and we will send our locksmith who is within your area to get you replacement keys in Southampton. When you make the call ensure that you have left a detailed explanation of your problem so that the locksmith can understand and be prepared to rectify the problem and not waste your precious time in coming up with a solution. Once the key is removed, we can fashion you a new one using our quick and accurate key cutting technology.

If you lose the pieces of the broken key, due to unexpected circumstances, then depending on the model of your car, our Locksmith is capable of making you a new one and even fix the transponder signal into your car’s database. This way Lost Keys in Southampton will not be the cause of you missing an important event.

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